The megalithic culture

In previous articles I have exposed different issues regarding megalithic culture. Among them, their religion and their mysterious monuments. In this regard, I invite the reader to consult the following articles:

The old religion

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These articles are the product of different excursions through different parts of Catalonia: Òrrius, Serra de les Cadiretes, Fitor, Romanyà de la Selva, Montgai, Savassona, Puig d'Arques and les Gavarres, Barcelona coastal range, etc.

Next I would like to show some more elements of the megalithic culture, which tell us about an ancient religion: the religion of the Goddess. 

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Megaliths in Fitor (Girona)

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Serra de Pals (Girona)

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Puig d'Arques and Romanyà de la Selva (Girona)

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The rock of les orenetes, in Òrrius (Barcelona), shows glyphs that represent common symbols of the ancient religion, such as this zigzag,  which could allude to the serpent 

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In Òrrius (Barcelona) we find this perforated rock, which represents a vagina-uterus, where the adept gathers to be reborn. In front we find a bowl of lustral water, in what would be an adjacent altar 

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In the proximities we find another rock emptied inside, but unlike the previous one, this one has been destroyed 

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In Òrrius (Barcelona) we can find other characteristic elements of the megalithic culture, such as dolmens and menhirs (the latter seems to have been demolished).

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As in other places, the megalithic environment has been Christianized (stripping its pagan burden) by a series of crosses, engraved in recent centuries.

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The enclave where the Òrrius megalithic complex (Barcelona) is located is truly "magical", which is why it has acquired the name of the "magical forest of Òrrius" (or La Roca del Vallès)

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In recent times contemporary artists have added a touch of mystery to this enclave, incorporating their own creations, such as an elephant (above) or the head of an Inca chief (below)

Before finishing, I would like to show some photos sent by my friend Diego Méndez, who present us with some bowls (or pools) in the Serra de la Marina, in Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona). They have a special regularity, which makes them similar to Mandelbrot fractals.

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These bowls are located near a cave, which has an indisputable uterine shape.

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In short, in Catalonia it is possible to find truly remarkable megalithic ensembles, alluding to the ancient megalithic religion, of the Goddess. I invite you to visit them. But I beg you to treat these enclaves with respect and consideration, both in terms of the flora and the megalithic remains.